You and your students can collect useful content from across the web and see it all in one place on iGoogle. From current events provided by numerous news providers to local weather and your school's events calendar, you can select any number of customized items and place them on a page that's specific to all of your own personal interests.

Here are a few of the hundreds of features that are available for your homepage:
  • A date and time clock
  • Your class calendar, easily accessed by students
  • Bookmarks for quick access to your recommended sites for students
  • Headlines from a variety of trusted news sources
  • Link to your class Blog with messages to students or families

How to Get Started:
  1. Create an email account. An iGoogle page can be set up without having an email address from Google, however, without an account, you will not be able to save the information created on your page. Without a Google account, the page set up will be stored for only a short period of time, then you will be forced to re-create it again.
  2. Log in. In the top right corner of the Google homepage, you will see two options that say "iGoogle" and "Sign In." Click the "Sign In" option first and insert your first part of your email address (the words before @ The screen will take you back to the Google homepage.
  3. Choose gadgets. Once again, at the top right corner, there will be an iGoogle option. On the Google homepage, you will see an option to "Look for New Stuff." After clicking the "New Stuff" option, choose from a large variety of "gadgets" offered by Google. A gadget is simply a tool or game in a frame that is added to your homepage, such as or the local time and temperature) Once you have chosen all of the gadgets, click the option in the bottom left corner that will take you back to the iGoogle homepage.
  4. Choose a theme. Select the "Choose a Theme" option, which is located in the upper right corner. You can choose from "Create Your Own Theme" or "Pick From Artists' Theme." Between the two choices of themes, there are hundreds of looks.