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21st Century Skill(s) the tool might address: Global & Cultural Literacy

What is Google Translate: Google Translate is a free automatic translator that uses technology to translate one language to another. Google Translate currently supports translation between 57 languages.

How to Translate Text:

  • Select your translation languages and start typing.
  • The translation result should appear instantly as you type, without clicking a single button.
    *Note that you'll need j
    avascript enabled to take advantage of our instant translation feature.

  • Click the Translate button at any time to trigger a translation
  • When translating words, you will see a dictionary at the bottom indicating the part of speech & word variations.
  • For language pairs, users will see a View Detailed Dictionary link. This will display a more detailed Google Dictionary page with example sentences, images, and more.

Unknown Languages: If users aren't sure what language they are attempting to translate, select the "Detect language option" The accuracy of the language detection increases with the amount of text entered.

Translate entire webpages:
  • Enter a web page's address (e.g. "") into the input area and click translate.
  • Mouse over the translated text and the original text is displayed in a bubble above the translated text.
  • To see all of the original text, click the View: Original radio button at the top of the translated page.

Translate documents from your computer
  • Click the translate a document link
  • Submit your file as a PDF, TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS or RTF
  • Original formatting may not be retained

Google Search Language Tools Link: (located just to the right of the search box)
  • Type a search phrase in your language
  • Google finds results in other languages and translates them for you
  • Example: Search for Tokyo Tourist Information and ask to have your request translated into Japanese.