Picasa: "Google's Photo Editor"
source: http://picasa.google.com

Web Site: http://picasa.google.com/ This site will get you to the location for downloading the stand alone application for your computer (Picasa)
Picasa for Mac: http://picasa.google.com/mac/
21st Century Skill(s) the tool might address: Creativity, Collaboration, ICT literacy

You have two options for working with Picasa on your Macintosh Machine
  1. Using the Stand Alone App (install this on your machine)
  2. Using a Picasa Add On for iPhoto that allows you to upload pictures using i-Photo via the export

Steps to Get Started with the Application:
  • Launch Picasa from your computer, you may be asked immediately to organize and edit the photos on your computer. Picasa can also be launched when you attach your camera to your computer.
  • Share pictures online with Picasa Web Albums--To get started, select the photos that you want to share and press the upload button.
  • Add name tags to your photos on Picasa's Web Album. You will see squares around the people's faces, simply click in the name box and name the people in your albums.

Using the Picasa Add On for iPhoto:
Picasa Add-In for iPhoto

  • Select the pictures you want to add to a Picasa Album
  • Select EXPORT from the File menu
  • You will notice the "Picasa Web Albums" button has been added to your iPhoto Export Options--select it and you will be prompted to log into your Google Account.
  • Name the Album or use the existing event name
  • Click the radio button next to the type of album: Public or Unlisted
  • Decide on tagging and the scaling quality and then click the export button.