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Web Site:
21st Century Skills Addressed by This Tool: Communication, collaboration, ICT Literacy, Information Literacy,
School Templates:

Follow These Steps to Get Started:
  1. Navigate to Google Sites: and log into your Google (gmail) account.

  2. Click the "Create New Site" button to get started. (see at right
  3. You can start with a blank template, or one that contains some premade content. Choose your template, pick a name for your site, and choose a creative URL.

  4. Click on the choose a theme button to see a list of color schemes that you can choose from.

  5. Click on the More options button and you can type a site description. choose who can view the site, and if you are going to make a site for all to view. site-moreoptions.png

  6. Click on the Create a Site Button. createsite.png